Celebrating 50 Years
of Memories, Achievements, and Dreams!


The services we provide at Dawn Enterprises, Inc. allow participants many opportunities to grow, learn, and become independent. By obtaining a job, fulfilling dreams and learning life skills, persons with disabilities have a sense of self respect and renewed self worth.

The cost of providing these services increases each year, while the funding continues to decline. Your donation can ensure that quality services are maintained. One hundred percent of any donation is used to enhance our programs and stay in our community. Dawn Enterprises, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit corporation and as such your donation is eligible for a federal and state tax deduction as well as a tax credit known as the Youth and Rehabilitation Facilities Idaho State Income Tax Credit.

Dawn Enterprises, Inc. is grateful for the community’s support in helping us achieve our goal of providing extraordinary services to individuals with disabilities in Bingham County and surrounding areas.